30m Chalk Line Reel, Blue Powder (hawk: Tz01-41100)

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This chalk line reel is just the thing you need when you're hanging wall paper, or trying to achieve a completely straight line on walls or floors. Just attach at the top of the wall, let the weight hang down so gravity gives you a nice straight line. Next, you pull the line tight, give it a nice snap like an archery bow, and you have a perfectly straight chalk line on your wall. Powder for the line is included.
  • line reels out like a measuring tape- up to 100 feet
  • metal hand crank on the side makes it easy to reel the line back in
  • a canister of blue chalk powder is included for easy coverage of the string
  • excess chalk left behind can be easily cleaned away with a damp cloth or vacuum
  • makes great boundary lines for carpet or floor tile, as well as wall paper and paneling
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